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Far Infrared is a kind of electromagnetic spectrum. Modern science has proved that the part of the Suns invisible spectrum is very beneficial for humans body; its wavelength is between 0.75 microns and 1000 microns.

All humans send and receive Far Infrared waves. The range of Far Infrared wave generated by human body is 6 to 20 microns. The peak value point of Human body receives Far Infrared is 10.2 microns, 5.6

microns, and 9.8 microns.It eradiate far infrared ray between 8-15 microns, The far infrared heat(Far-infrared light waves) penetrates your skin, creates a natural resonance with body, make a massage in depth. It will promote metabolism, improves pain relief, detoxification, circulation,and increased

Why Far-Infrared waves can remove toxins?

Since humans are bio-accumulators, toxins that cannot be expelled immediately after entry are stored in our bodies. When toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide or toxic substances such as lead, mercury or chlorine meet large water molecules, they are encapsulated by the clusters of water. Where these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. However, when 8 to 15 micron Far-Infrared wave is applied to these large water molecules, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms, which are holding together the molecules of water. A the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released. Mostly, the toxins will drain with perspiration and emiction. So, drink enough water before your far-infrared treatment.

Why far-infrared waves can make weight loss?

It burns up to 600 calories in 20 minutes session, as much as running 10 kilometers. Royal Far Infrared SPA Capsule assists in weight loss in three significant ways:

  • It effectively reduces heavy metals, which have been directly related to metabolic imbalances in the body, causing poor digestion and weight gain.
  • The Far Infrared sauna decreases fat stored (lipophilic) toxins. Often time’s weight loss cannot be accomplished unless these toxins are removed first.
  • Although weight loss due to perspiration (water loss ) is quickly regained, sending more blood to the capillaries and converting fats and carbohydrates results in as much as 600 calories burned during one short Far-Infrared sauna treatment. It is obvious that promotion of metabolism consume more calories. The results of 600 calories are base in these details: Gender: Female; weight: 57 KG; age: 25; stature: 165cm

Ozone Treatment

Spa capsule equipped professional Ozone generator. Ozone is also an immune system modulator, and has powerful analgesic properties. From a naturopathic perspective, ozone supports body detoxification, and helps with cleansing the lymph system.

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