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Lympha Press is regarded as the dynamic compression therapy and helped patients all over the world deal with lymphedema and venous insufficiency and improve their quality of life.

Lympha Press offers the world's most versatile and advanced dynamic compression therapy systems with proven clinical evidence in over 20 peer-reviewed publications.


Lympha Press® device applies pressure in sequence from the distal part of the limb towards the body. The pressure wave is created by up to 24 overlapping inflatable chambers inside a special garment, or “sleeve,” which is fastened around the area to be treated. Each chamber inflates in sequence, applying a directional massage action that assists trapped lymphatic fluid to find its way to alternative, open lymphatic channels. .Once the sequence is complete, the Lympha Press® releases the pressure, allowing the emptied lymphatics to refill. Then the process starts over again, and is repeated for the length of the prescribed treatment session. The directional compressive massage also helps reduce venous edema and stimulates venous return.

Lympha Press® Treatment Modes

Our systems offer a variety of treatment modes

The unique Pretherapy™: Based on the principles of manual lymph drainage, Pretherapy™ first drains the proximal (nearest) areas of the body , preparing them to accept the lymphatic fluid that will be mobilized during the main treatment cycle, either the Lympha mode or the Wave mode. Lympha or Sequential: The cells in the garment inflate one by one, starting over the hand or foot. This creates a gentle “milking” pressure wave. Wave : Peristaltic compression. Only three cells inflated at any, moving in a waveform up the limb to the torso. Designed for comfortable and effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort.

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