What are the Causes & Effects of Stress on your body?

What are the causes and effects of stress on your body?

In recent days, sometimes seem as stress is the synonym for life, and it becoming more and more part of your everyday life. It is the state of mental or emotional strain which adverse circumstances can cause. The symptoms of the stress may be affecting your health even though you might not realise it completely. Outlined below details are the causes and effects of stress on your body.

What is stress?

Defining stress is difficult than you may think. Some events are universally considered stressful, like the current covid situation or natural disasters. It is the situation that triggers you to a particular biological response. When you perceive the threat or a major challenge, hormones and chemicals surge throughout your body. The stress triggers you to fight or flight response to fight the stressors or always run from them. Typically after the response occurs, you should get relax. Too much constant stress can also provide negative effects on your body as long term health. Consequently you are recommended to follow some advantageous techniques like stress management to avoid getting stress.

Symptoms of stress:

Stress can affect all sides of your life, including emotion, behaviours, physical health and thinking ability. When you consider stress control in your body, the immune system cannot avoid it. Because the symptoms of stress may vary, and it’s handling techniques at every time may also be different. The stress symptoms can be vague, and it seems it is the same as those caused by medical conditions. So it is important to discuss with your doctor and get stress management treatment required to your necessitate. Here are some details about the different symptoms of stress in your body.


Acne is one of the visible ways that stress often manifests itself. When you are feeling stressed out, tend to touch your face more often, and it can spread bacteria and contribute to the development of your acne. Several studies have also verified that acne may be associated with a higher level of stress. In addition to this, the possible causes of acne may include hormonal shift, bacteria and excess oil production in your body.

Chronic pain:

The common body pain and acnes are the general complaints that can result from the increased level of stress. If you struggle with sickle cell anaemia disease, you have higher chances of daily stress which are associated with increased level of body pain. When you are getting an enlarged stress level, hormones like cortisol may be associated with your chronic pain. Besides stress, many other factors can contribute to your chronic pain, including injuries, poor posture and nerve damage. As a result you can consider using the stress management technique to get relief from stress and chronic pain at the same time.

Digestive issues:

Have you known the stress is related to your digestive process? The most common digestive problems like diarrhoea and constipation can cause a higher level of stress. Especially, many children are exposed to stressful events associated with an increased risk of constipation. Stress may particularly affect those with digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, and these are further characterised by stomach pain, constipation and bloating. Apart from stress, other factors like diet, physical activity, dehydration, and infection are digestive problems.


Depression is an important reason for facing mental health problems by many people. Chronic stress may contribute to the development of depression. The major depressions reasons are found on the arrival, and it is significantly associated with both your acute and chronic stress. If you have depression in your routine life and feel it is difficult to manage, you can immediately contact your consultant and get salt therapy.

Types of stress:

If you seem to be as many people, and you may feel that certain stress relief techniques will not work for you while others work quite well. It is the reason for having some stress which will seem to have for you and are ineffective to others. Here are the lists of types of stress which you can obtain at different times.

Acute stress:

It is one type of stress that throws you off balance momentarily. It can come quickly and often unexpectedly, and it does not last for too long. But it shakes up you a bit and requires a reaction like an argument with someone in your life. The stress response in your body will get triggered with acute stress, but you can reverse it with quick relaxation techniques like stress management to go back to your life with feeling fewer stress. You can follow simple and essential technique to get relax and recover quickly from your acute stress.

Chronic stress:

Chronic stress is one type of stress that tends to occur regularly in your life, and it may leave you feeling drained and lead to burnout if this stress is not effectively managed. When the stress response is chronically triggered, your body is not brought back to its relaxed state before the next wave of stress hits, and your body can stay triggered indefinitely. The following long term habits in your life can help you to manage the stress better that you may feel from using salt therapy in your life.

Emotional stress:

Emotional stress is most often attack everyone, and it is harder than some other types of stress. For instance, the stress from the conflicted connection will tend you to bring a greater physical reaction and provide a stronger sense of distress. Thus it is important to manage your emotional stress in effective ways. Several strategies can help you to relieve this type of stress and work well in different situations.

Causes of stress:

There may be some typical causes of acute and chronic stress, and it may include:

  • Existing the life-threatening accident and illness
  • Being the victim of a crime
  • Living with a long term chronic illness
  • Living through the natural or artificial illness
  • Working in a hazardous profession
  • Struggle with having little work balance and working long hours

There will be no end that you can identify as the causes of stress because they vary depending on your mentality. Whatever the causes may be, the effect of stress on your body can be serious issues if you left unmanaged. The following of stress relieving methods can help you to explore other personal, traumatic and emotional causes to get soon relaxation.

Effects of stress in your body:

Stress can change in the environment and requires a lot of response and reaction in your body. It can produce a reaction in your body with emotional, physical and mental responses. You can also experience good and bad forms of stress in your surroundings, body and thoughts. If your stress reaction does not stop firing and it can continue eminent far longer than essential for your survival then you can choose salt therapy to stay away from these effects. Here are some details about the effects of stress on your body.

Respiratory and cardiovascular system:

If you continuously feel stress and it will affect your daily activities, so you should consider salt therapy in Hyderabad. The stress hormones will affect your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During the stress response in your body, it aids you to breathe faster and distribute oxygen-rich blood quickly. If you are already suffering from the breathing problems like asthma, the stress can even make it hard to breathe. Under the stress condition, your heart also pumps faster, and your blood vessels divert more oxygen to your muscles and provide more strength to take action. So, frequent or chronic stress will make your heart excessively hard for too long. When your blood pressure rises in the body, your risk of having stroke and heart attack will be higher, and this may be the cause of stress.

Immune system:

Stress stimulates your immune system, which can be an addition to your immediate situation. The stimulation in your body can help you to avoid infections and heal wounds. But over time, the stress hormones in your body will weaken the immune system and reduce the body response to foreign invaders. Under chronic stress, there may be higher chances of being affected by more susceptible viral illnesses like the common cold and flu. You can use the salt room technique to decrease your time to recover from an illness or injury.

Reproductive system:

Generally, stress can exhaust both your body and mind. It is not usual to lose your desire when you are under constant stress. While some short time stress may cause you to produce more hormone testosterone, it affects doers not last. If your stress continues for a long period, the testosterone level in your body can begin to drop suddenly. It can also influence low sperm production and causes erectile dysfunction in your body. Chronic stress symptoms are the risk factors of getting infection in your body. The menstrual cycle is the most important function to get a healthy baby, but the chronic stress will affect the function in your body and lead to heavier and more painful periods. It may also magnify the physical symptoms of menopause.

Nervous system:

The central nervous system in your body is the in-charge of fight or flight response. In the brain, the hypothalamus gets a ball rolling which helps the adrenal glands to release your stress hormones. These hormones help raise your heartbeat and send blood rushing to the areas that need in almost emergency. When your perceived fear is gone, the hypothalamus in your body will alert all the organs to go back to normal and provide more stress relief. In addition, chronic stress is an important factor for behavioural changes like over eating and social withdrawal.

Muscular system:

The muscles are the essential organs that tend to protect from injuries and it same for when you are affected by stress. It tends you to release your stress again, but if you are constantly under stress, your muscles will not get back to relax, so you can use salt therapy in this case. The tight muscles may be the reason for your headaches, body pain and shoulder pain. Over time, it can set off as an unhealthy cycle in your body as you stop exercising and turn to pain medication for relief.

The bottom line:

Finally, if you are diagnosed with stress and do not fret, there is always hope in dealing with acute and chronic stress. Thus the above details will assist you in finding the causes and effects of stress in your body. Several things you can do to avoid the stressful situation and try to manage the stress you are already dealing with and have a happy and stress free life.


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